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Standards and Accreditation Matrix launched at Association of Senior Living (ASLI) Conclave

In January 2021 Standards Wise International India was honoured to speak at the Association of Senior Living (ASLI) 3rd Annual Senior Care Conclave.

During the three-day virtual event, which had over 7,000 attendees, we had the opportunity to speak to all the major players in Senior Living in India. We were able to promote the importance of Standards in Senior Living for customers, staff, and the whole sector in this wonderful country.
During our online session our Standards and Accreditation Matrix, which has been endorsed by ASLI and The Commonwealth Association for the Ageing (CommonAge) was introduced by Mansoor Dalal, Standards Wise International India’s Senior Adviser and Mentor; alongside our Founder David Stevens and Andrew Larpent, Chair of CommonAge.

Some of the key points to arise from the session were:
  • By adopting standards, organisations can gain respect, recognition, and demonstrate their ethical standards
  • Adopting these standards will light a beacon for other senior living organisations in India
  • Implementing the standards during the pandemic will give consumers more confidence
  • Implementing the standards has had a positive effect on culture and staffing in other countries
  • Standards are an evolutionary process
  • Staff feel empowered, and develop a culture of continuous improvement
  • There is a strong enthusiasm to implement the standards in India
  • When an organisation begins to adopt standards it welcomes inspections, as it can show off its service.

We are grateful to ASLI for the opportunity to participate in the conclave, and look forward to introducing our Standards and Accreditation Matrix to organisations across India. We are delighted to report that five ASLI members have already signed up for the standards as pilot partners.